Training in
food safety


The best way to guarantee the safety and quality of foodstuffs is to count on properly trained professionals who are aware of their responsibilities.

Consal provides training in food safety, hygiene and quality for professional food producers. It imparts courses in line with the needs of the customer. It edits educational material, provides training and assesses its effectiveness.

Consal carries out all the processes necessary for training subsidies for its customers through the Tripartite Foundation.

Although training is tailored to the specific needs of each company and the profile of its employees, some of the courses imparted by Consal can be mentioned by way of example:

  • Implement hazard analysis and critical control points system (HACCP)
  • Implement food safety systems based on ISO-22000 Standards
  • Implement quality management systems based on ISO-9000 Standards
  • Implement environmental management systems based on ISO-14000 Standards
  • Packing and packaging protocols
  • Storage and distribution protocols
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols
  • Traceability in the food industry
  • Management of food service and catering companies
  • Production of food prepared in the cold chain
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