Food producers
and suppliers. HORECA


Consal advises companies that prepare and supply food in central kitchens, hotels, restaurants, food services and catering for schools, universities, residences…

Consal’s work in this sector can be specified in the following activities, amongst others:

  • Analysis of processed products, surfaces, environments and handlers
  • Implementation of food safety and quality systems such as:
    • HACCP, Hazard analysis and critical control points
    • Standard ISO-22000
  • Training for food handlers

As in other cases, in this sector Consal strives to protect the health and safety of consumers. Naturally, food producers and suppliers are particularly sensitive to consumer health. This is why Consal offers Nutritional Consultancy for:

  • Preparation and review of menus for canteens
  • Preparation and review of menus for food intolerances and allergies.
  • Calorie content menu
  • Drafting of technical datasheets for prepared dishes
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