Consal has worked alongside food sector companies since 1994, helping them to achieve the highest level possible of hygiene, safety and quality in all food production stages.

Right from its very beginnings, Consal has always counted on the latest expertise in food safety, cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. All our activities focus on our customers in order to meet the productivity levels demanded by the market and comply with increasingly stringent regulations, and to guarantee the health and safety of consumers.

Over the last twenty years Consal has evolved along with the concept of food safety. From activities focused mainly on corrective actions, through to great efforts in prevention and training for professionals.

Consal today is the result of having provided consultancy services to hundreds of food producers throughout the food chain, combined with close collaboration with public administrations (health authorities and other bodies), involvement in different higher training programmes, and assistance to companies wishing to standardise their food safety.

Consal is a founding member of Acofesal, the Spanish association of food safety consultancy, training, analysis and auditing.

Other entities that Consal maintains relations with are:

  • AECOSAN, the Spanish Consumption, Food Safety and Nutrition Agency
  • AENOR, the Spanish Association of Normalisation and Certification
  • EFSA, European Food Safety Authority
  • GFSI, Global Food Safety Initiative
  • CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, International Foods Standards

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